Alfresco Cheese Steaks

Chipotle mayo, salad & crispy potato wedges

Alfresco Cheese Steaks
In a brioche bun with a chipotle mayo, salad and crispy potato wedges


Baking Tray, Spatula, Knife, Table Spoon, Salt, Frying Pan, Griddle Pan.


Cheese Steaks, Salad Leaves, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Brioche Buns, Chipotle Sauce, Mayonnaise.


1. Cut potatoes into wedges, and place onto a hot baking tray. Coat in a tablespoon of oil. Season generously with salt. Place into a preheated oven at 180°c for 30-45 minutes. Turning regularly.

2. Add a generous spoonful of chipotle sauce into dish of mayonnaise to create a zingy chipotle mayo, and thinly slice tomatoes.

3. Lightly toast brioche buns in a dry frying/griddle pan.

4. Remove Alfresco Cheese Steaks from packaging and place onto a lightly oiled frying/griddle pan/BBQ, or under a preheated grill.

5. Turn Alfresco Cheese Steaks regularly until they are lightly golden and piping hot.

6. Place Alfresco Cheese Steaks onto toasted Brioche Buns, add Tomato slices and lettuce leaves, as well as a generous table spoon of chipotle mayo.

7. Remove potato wedges from oven when they are golden and crispy.

8. Enjoy! Best served hot.

Do not reheat. Not suitable for microwave cooking. All cooking appliances vary. This is a guide only.